• PG&E Service Work (trenching streets) on:
    • 8th Street & Laney College
    • 7th Street & Fallon Street
    • 7th Street & Oak Street
    • 7th Street & Washington Street
    • 7th Street & Martin Luther King Jr. Way
    • Proofing existing conduits on Doolittle Drive, Davis Street and Hegenberger Road
  • Potholing on:
    • Doolittle Drive from Airport Access Road to Davis Street
    • Hegenberger Road from Doolittle Drive to San Leandro Street
    • Brush Street, 10th Street and 11th Street
  • Potholing and sidewalk sign foundation work on:
    • Brush Street, North of 7th Street; and E 8th Street, west of E 12th Street
    • International Boulevard between Fruitvale Avenue and 42nd Avenue
    • High Street, south of San Leandro Street
    • Fruitvale Avenue, south of 12th Street
    • E 12th Street, west of Fruitvale Avenue
    • Fruitvale Avenue, north of San Leandro Street
  • Underground drilling on:
    • 98th Avenue and Airport Access Road
    • 98th Avenue from Empire Road to International Boulevard


  • Acquiring additional approvals from City of Oakland and City of San Leandro
  • Underground drilling on Doolittle Drive, Hegenberger Road, 98th Avenue, and Davis Street (Segment 1)
  • PG&E layout work in Downtown Oakland area on 7th Street, 8th and Castro Street, and Brush Street (Segment 4)

Construction Map

Project construction has begun as of Spring 2019. Crews are installing approximately 16 miles of fiber optic lines, 45 wayfinding signs, and 26 cameras as well as upgrading 19 intersection traffic signals and 7 intersection curb ramps throughout critical arterial roadways. These roadways include 5th Street, 6th Street, 7th Street, 8th Street, 12th Street, Brush Street, Castro Street, Jackson Street, International Boulevard (SR-185), San Leandro Boulevard/Street and East 14th Street along with the crossing arterials of 23rd Avenue, 29th Avenue, Fruitvale Avenue, 42nd Avenue (SR-77), High Street, 66th Avenue, Hegenberger Road, 98th Avenue, Doolittle Drive (SR-66), and Davis Street (State Route 112).


  • Temporary lane closures
  • Potholing: Digging of small holes to minimize project interference
  • Underground drilling: Drilling to create small horizontal pathways for pipes and conduits
  • Installation of wayfinding signs
  • Installation of various traffic signal components
  • Modifications to existing sidewalks, curbs, and gutters

Regular work hours will be Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm.